Stand Up for Native Children

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Tell Congress: Stand Up For Native Children!

For far too long, our federal government has failed our American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian children.

According to the Center for Native American Youth, Native children are more likely to be victims of child abuse and end up in foster homes. They have lower high school and college graduation rates and tragically have a suicide rate that's 2.5 times the national average.

This is unacceptable – supporting Native families and children should be an issue all sides can agree on.

A bipartisan bill to examine and address the challenges facing Native American children has just advanced through the Senate Indian Affairs Committee with overwhelming support – but we need your help to build on this momentum, push it through Congress, and make sure this bill is signed into law.

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. Add your name to the right to join Democratic senators in telling Congress to protect and support Native children.

Sen. Mark Begich
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Sen. Jon Tester
Sen. Tom Udall
Sen. John Walsh