Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: End the special committee attacking Planned Parenthood

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A grand jury in Texas was created to investigate Planned Parenthood. But instead, it landed on a truth that we've known all along: It was the anti-choice extremist David Daleiden and his sham organization, the Center for Medical Progress, that were at fault. The jury found no wrongdoing on the part of Planned Parenthood and instead INDICTED Daleiden for – get this – conspiring to purchase fetal tissue, the exact activity for which he wanted to frame the nation's most-trusted provider of women's health care.

But there’s still a special committee in the House to “investigate” Planned Parenthood. Its entire existence is based on the campaign and videos that have been flatly discredited.

It’s past time for Speaker Paul Ryan to disband the special committee. He needs to stop dragging Planned Parenthood’s name through the mud and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on this wild goose chase.

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